What is Cargopedia?

Cargopedia is an international freight exchange, a website that facilitates the connection between carriers and shippers. In other words, Cargopedia is a website of international cargo transport ads, that helps the carriers find loads to be transported, and the shippers find trucks to carry their loads.

If you have never worked on a freight exchange before, please also see Wie funktioniert eine Frachtbörse?.

Who can create an account on Cargopedia?

Everyone, both companies (as carriers or shippers) and individuals (only as shippers – personal goods). Please note that we reserve the right to refuse registration to companies that have a bad history of incidents on other platforms.

How do I register on Cargopedia?

Press the Konto anlegen button from the main section of the site. After completing the registration form, you will be automatically logged into site.

How much does it cost to be a member of Cargopedia?

For the basic functions of the site, Cargopedia access is free (see the Free subscription). This type of subscription has certain limitations. To access all the site's functions, and other benefits, Cargopedia puts at the disposal of its users two types of paid subscriptions, Standard and Premium.

What safety solutions have you implemented?

We believe that safety is an essential thing in transporting, that's why we take a lot of measures to protect you. Please see the Sicherheit page for more details.

Who publishes the ads on the site?

On Cargopedia each company adds its own ads and establishes its own tariffs and business connections. By publishing ads, you become visible to other companies registered on Cargopedia. After adding a load or truck ad, it will appear first in the ad list on the main page.

How do I add an ad on Cargopedia?

After you login, from the main page press the Fracht hinzufügen or Lkw hinzufügen button, according to your needs. After completing the form, your ad will appear on the site.

How many ads I can publish? Is there a limit?

You can publish as many ads as you wish, even on the Free subscription. However, please note that in order to maintain a fair environment for all members of the Cargopedia, you cannot add duplicate ads on our platform.

What types of vehicles are accepted when publishing the ads?

The moment you publish an add, you may select one of the following types of vehicles: Jeder LKW, Koffer, Planen, LKW mit Container, Pritschenwagen, Kipper, Sattelzugmaschine, Tiefbettauflieger, Autotransporter, Tiertransport, Kranwagen, Tankfahrzeug, Lebensmitteltank.

How many users/contact persons can be defined for a company?

All Cargopedia subscriptions (including the Free plan) allow adding an unlimited number of users or company locations.

What does the activity rating on Cargopedia mean?

The activity rating on Cargopedia, displayed in the form of stars after the company name (in the page of every ad and in the profile page), is a score that reflects the number of ads published on the website by that company, considering the average number of notices published by other members of Cargopedia. If you are close to the average of other users, you'll have 3 stars. If you exceed the average, you'll have 4 or 5 stars. The rating is calculated automatically after an intelligent algorithm.

What does the score of reviews from other users mean?

Every user has the right to offer a review to another company whom he has collaborated with, in the form of a comment and a scoring, from 1 to 5. This way, the serious companies will distinguish themselves and will offer more confidence.

Do I have to reload/refresh the site to see the latest ads?

No, it isn't necessary. The list of the adds refreshes automatically every time a new ad is posted.

What should I do if I have a payment or transport incident?

Access the Vorfälle section from the admin area and press the Neuer Vorfall button to open a new incident. After completing the details of the incident and attach the justifying documents, your incident will be published in this section, and the claimed company will be notified by e-mail.

When did Cargopedia appear?

Cargopedia is an evolution of the Romanian freight exchange Marfador, launched in 2014. After local success, in year 2015 we expanded internationally with an improved service, under the new name: Cargopedia.

I have a few suggestions. Do you think you can implement them?

Of course. Please contact us. We are receptive to any suggestions.